Tuesday, December 5, 2023

About us

Farmers Weekly is New Zealand’s most respected, trusted, and reliable source of agricultural news and information. Every week it’s delivered to the farm gate of every New Zealand farmer and, every week, farmers choose it first for news, opinion, analysis, market updates and even their own advertising in the Livestock, Noticeboard and Real Estate sections.

Farmers Weekly is also part of the AgriHQ publishing stable – the place where rural New Zealanders go to get the whole story. Our agricultural newspapers, magazines, digital media, weather services, educational resources, market analyses, and community platforms are respected and trusted by hundreds of thousands of Kiwis. Every day of every week of every month, those rural Kiwis are using one or more of our publications as they work to create a more sustainable and profitable future for New Zealand agriculture.

But we’re more than just a family-owned Kiwi publishing business. We’re a force for change. AgriHQ is a place where people involved in agriculture can participate in the conversations, discussions, ideas, and opinions that matter to them. We’re a place where they can access the information, expertise, and innovation they need to make a difference. We’re a place where like-minded people who care about the future of New Zealand agriculture can work together and help each other become more successful.

We see AgriHQ as the home of New Zealand’s largest agricultural community. Every day, we are working to co-create the future of New Zealand agriculture with the people and businesses who drive it.

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