Saturday, December 9, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

I require personal assistance with one of my subscriptions. Who do I contact?

Our subs and customer care team are happy to help! Please email or freephone 0800 85 25 80 (+64 6 313 7104 from outside New Zealand) between 8am and 5pm (NZT) Monday to Friday for personal assistance.

My Farmers Weekly didn’t arrive this week. Who do I talk to?

Your rural delivery contractor first. The rural delivery contractors are given all the papers they need to reach every income-dependent farmer, so if farming is your main income and you live in the country, then they should have a Farmers Weekly for you every week. 

I live in the country, but work in town, off-farm. Do I qualify for a free Farmers Weekly?

There are nearly 300,000 households living in the country using the rural delivery system. Around 80,000 of those households derive the majority of their income from farming (farm owners, farm managers, share-milkers, shepherds, etc). The rest are lifestylers and rural dwellers, but not farmers. Rural post is contracted to deliver Farmers Weekly to just the farmers throughout New Zealand. 

Can I subscribe to get Farmers Weekly delivered to me?

Yes you can, but we suggest you read it online. If you subscribe, we have to go through the addressed mailing system, which is expensive and slow. 

How do I read Farmers Weekly online?

There are a number of ways to do this:

  • Sign up to our Farmers Weekly Preview e-newsletter and you’ll get an alert in your email inbox every Friday with a link to the digital newspaper. It’s free.
  • Subscribe to Farmers Weekly Today and you’ll get news and a unique editorial perspective in your email inbox every day. Just $5/month + GST.
  • Take Farmers Weekly with you where ever you go! Visit from your favourite device and save the site to your home screen (see below) . 

How do I save Farmers Weekly to my phone homescreen?

Become a Farmers Weekly Home-Screener!

Android users:
1. Open your web browser eg Chrome
2. Navigate to
3. Tap the menu icon (3 dots in the upper right-hand corner) and tap “add to home screen”
4. Choose a name for the website shortcut, then you browser will add it to your home screen

iPhone or iPad users:
1. Open Safari. Other browsers, such as Chrome, won’t work for this.
2. Navigate to Tap “Go.”
3. Tap the Share button on the bottom of the page. It looks like a square with an arrow pointing out of the top.
4. In the list of options that appear, scroll down until you see Add to Home Screen. Tap this. The Add to Home Screen dialog box will appear.
5. Choose a name for the website shortcut. You’ll see the link so you can confirm it. Click Add when you’re done.

Do you have an app?

No, but just save Farmers Weekly to your phone home screen for easy access.

I want to advertise in Farmers Weekly or who do I contact?

Send us an enquiry or contact one of our advertising partnership managers listed on