Saturday, December 2, 2023


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Power to the people, but who will pay?

Bryan GibsonDec 1, 2023
It’s all very well to promise decentralisation, but the demographics might not support this government reset, writes Bryan Gibson.

Alliance is optimistic – but I have questions

Allan BarberDec 1, 2023
Allan Barber sits down with Murray Taggart after the co-op’s ‘horror result’.

An industry that’s still living in the 1950s

Guest writerNov 30, 2023
Not a lot has changed in the woolshed in the past seven or so decades, with little to no investment in research, development or education in wool, says David Scobie.

The way we come together is by listening

Guest writerNov 29, 2023
To effectively navigate the times ahead we need to listen more, says Aimee Blake.

And then a step to the right for National

And then a step to the right for National

Alan EmersonNov 28, 2023
Alan Emerson welcomes the way the coalition negotiations have brought voters' choices into sharper focus.
michael-jordan-career-retrospective 1

A dance for the ages: balancing art and science

David EadeNov 27, 2023
It is the farmers who navigate this dance through the agricultural year that leave a lasting legacy, writes David Eade.
Telehealth service is a start, not a solution

Telehealth service is a start, not a solution

Craig PageNov 23, 2023
Political parties need to make good on election promises about better rural health care, writes Craig Page.

Big carbon farming decisions lie ahead

Keith WoodfordNov 22, 2023
While the politics plays out, new forest plantings are grinding to a halt, Keith Woodford says.
climate expo in dubai

The crude irony of UAE hosting COP28

Alan EmersonNov 21, 2023
Alan Emerson says the chances of meaningful climate action are slim as 70,000 people get ready to meet in a major oil-producing country.
black powder log splitter

Science is great – just look at explosives

Ben AndersonNov 20, 2023
Ben Anderson digresses to remember fun times with the blasting gun.
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