Friday, July 1, 2022

DCD traces found in Westland Milk samples

Independent testing has found small traces of DCD in samples of products from Westland Milk Products.

The samples were produced before November 2012 and evidence indicates no traces of DCD are in products made after that date.

Westland began its own testing following the discovery of traces of DCD in some of Fonterra’s milk products last year.

“While we are assured by independent health authorities and the New Zealand Government that DCD is not a food safety risk, we are very aware that for many of our customers any residue in milk products is undesirable,” Westland chief executive Rod Quin said.

“Some of our customers in Asia have already requested tests for DCD following the MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) announcement last week.”

He said, as a result, Westland is doing further precautionary testing.

“We will continue to work with the New Zealand dairy industry, MPI and Government to reassure suppliers, customers and stakeholders that DCD is not harmful to human health and that every step to remedy this situation and prevent its ongoing occurrence is being taken.”

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