Friday, April 12, 2024

Agri think tank on how to thrive on farm

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Safer Farms will explore ways to protect farm workers from psychosocial harm.
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Safer Farms is holding two in-person agri think tanks to tackle diminished wellbeing on farms.  

Supported by Farmstrong and led by Dr Hillary Bennett, the free events will explore ways to protect farm workers against psychosocial harm through the design of better farm work or systems. 

Data shows that diminished wellbeing can be a leading cause of harm on farms.

The events are part of Safer Farms’ Farm Without Harm strategy launched in June, to help reduce injuries and fatalities on farms and address the human toll from producing food in New Zealand.

Developed over two years, the Farm Without Harm strategy was co-designed with farmers and their communities, iwi, Māori, industry leadership bodies and primary sector organisations.

The think tanks later this month will cover how work on farms is organised, resourced and managed, and the social interactions and relationships between people on the farm.

Register for North Island (Palmerston North) November 23, 10am-3pm

Register for South Island (Dunsandel)  November 21, 10am-3pm

More information can be found on the Safer Farms website.

In Focus: Why half-arsed on-farm safety won’t cut it

Bryan talks to Safer Farms chair Lindy Nelson about the Half-Arsed Stops Here campaign. Lindy says it’s not about compliance, or other people creating rules for farmers. “This is about us taking responsibility and coming together to find solutions and we honestly believe those solutions are out there.” (Skip to the 8:35 minute mark).

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