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My Daily Digest: February 19, 2021

Honey producer scores big with ‘liquid gold’ There’s adding value and then there’s really adding value. A Dannevirke honey producer has discovered there’s gold in them hives after selling 230g pots of Manuka honey to Harrods for $5000 a pop. That’s $21.74 a gram.

The eye-watering sale was for just 200 honey pots but no matter the quantity, it’s still a pretty sweet deal.

And, it shows those one-percenters have New Zealand in mind when they look for the best of the best.

Understandably our reporter who visited the operation this week wasn’t offered a taste test of the liquid gold.

But he got to see first-hand just how humble food producers can produce world-class results.


Bryan Gibson


Sweet deal: Manuka honey sells for $5k a jar

Jars of New Zealand-made honey have been selling for almost $5000 each in London.



Young inventor on mission to transform wool sector

The strong wool industry can pin its hopes on a resurgence with $5 a kilogram return for coarse wool fibre in the sights of Kiwi inventor and entrepreneur Logan Williams.



SI wool sales strengthen

The South Island wool market strengthened with some recovery in pricing in recent sales, but farmers are reminded the value of the wool starts in the shed.


Vocational training changes welcomed

Former farmer-elected DairyNZ director Ben Allomes takes his hat off to the Government for making changes to the in-job and vocational training sector, as he says the old framework was outdated, broken and creating the wrong behaviours.



On Farm Story: Pack leaders in honest products

A Rangitikei couple has used their initiative and entrepreneurial spirit to combine their strong wool and family story with social media marketing, to create a new business they can run from the farm. 


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