Thursday, November 30, 2023

Feilding store sale 13.09

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Traditional 2-year steers, 420-525kg, went for $3.47-$3.55/kg Quality 1-year Hereford-Friesian steers, 280-415kg, were $3.45-$3.56/kg Traditional 1-year steers, 270-305kg, largely made $3.85-$4.04/kg Top-half of ewes with LAF made $116-$126.50 Average store lamb lifted to $161
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Almost 1200 store cattle were very strong selling, with many big drawcard lines helping give the market a boost. Two-year and 3-year steers were similar to past weeks, mainly at $3.30-$3.50/kg on traditional lines. Bulls of the same ages, 460-540kg were also steady at $3.18-$3.23/kg and the better 2-year heifers made $3.11-$3.21/kg. Almost 500 yearling steers were consistently breaking $4.00/kg on traditional lines. The bulls were mainly light-weight, 195-230kg Friesian making $3.33-$3.51/kg. Top Angus heifers, 300-315kg, made $3.25-$3.49/kg, $980-$1095.

It was almost a mini ewe with LAF fair at the start of the sheep sale. The main takeaway was the weaker market on the lesser-types, down $5-$10 all counted. The core made $109-$126.50, with a few mainly smaller pens down at $90.50-$96 all counted. There was good interest on the 3200 store lambs. Top males made $181-$198, with medium-to-good lines usually $145-$166. The larger lines of ewe lambs were mainly medium-to-good types, making $155-$164.50, with top lines usually $165-$178.

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