Saturday, April 20, 2024

Platform launched to support Aucklanders in lockdown

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A group of rural people have created an online platform to enable New Zealanders to show support for Aucklanders trapped in the covid-19 lockdown.
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The brainchild of a group of business people from the food and fibre sector in the Waikato, the Kia Kaha Auckland Facebook page is the first step for the group whose aim is to support communities and regions who continue to be disadvantaged by the impacts of covid-19.

The group’s spokesperson Lee Astridge said they believed that going beyond themselves and showing care and compassion for those caught by the lockdown was important.

“This is a way the rest of New Zealand can show the Auckland Team’s City of 1.9 million that the rest of the team of five million was thinking of them and wishing them strength in adversity,” Astridge said.

“These are the people that buy our products every day and we’re a bunch of rural people who believe that stepping up and showing we care for everyone in New Zealand ultimately gives the country the best chance to thrive.’

Initially the group will focus on the Facebook social media platform and there are hopes that media channels will feature daily “out-takes” of posts from around New Zealand…think “backyard sports” that featured on TVNZ news during lockdown, Astridge said.

The platform can be found here: Kia Kaha Auckland

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