Friday, December 1, 2023

Plenty of California eyes on Taste Pure

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Most California people tuning in to Beef + Lamb’s Taste Pure Nature promotional video are watching it to the end.
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The figure of just over 50% is double the industry average and exciting progress, Red Meat Project global manager Michael Wan said.

In six months more than five million views were counted.

Anecdotal evidence is the combination of the video, extensive digital advertising, social media and use of influencers to boost in-store promotions are proving useful for the brand partners, though actual sale details aren’t available, Wan said.  

There have been 63m impressions of the advertising on computer and mobile screens– that is the number of times it has appeared on a screen.  

B+LNZ is targeting an estimated market of up to 16m Californians it identifies as conscious foodies.

In ongoing consumer surveys more than a quarter of respondents recognise the campaign, 24% when an advertisement is shown to them and 3% without prompting.

Wan said 77% of them recognise it as a NZ campaign and take in the key messages of grass-fed, extensive pasture-raised sheep and cattle.

The number saying a brand is highly relevant for them is 67% and more than half of those people said they are likely to consider or buy a New Zealand product if they see it in a store.

They are positive readings, given the project started from nothing in March this when a survey indicated very low awareness of NZ as a supplier of high-quality red meat, he said.

There have also been 180,000 sessions on the group’s United States website. 

“It tells us our messaging and targeting are accurate and bang-on where they need to be.”

B+LNZ’s brand partners include the NZ Lamb Co and its shareholders, Alliance, Silver Fern Farms, Anzco and smaller, niche exporters Atkins Ranch, First Light, Angus Pure and Coastal Spring Lamb.

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