Thursday, April 25, 2024

Pukekohe cattle 31.07

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Light to medium prime steers made $2.76/kg to $2.93/kg, $1500-$1625 Boner cows sold in a wide range of $2.17/kg to $2.60/kg, $910-$1850 Medium crossbred 15-month heifers sold to $2.45-$2.49/kg, $682-$810 Small R1 heifers earned $2.94/kg to $3.24/kg, $400-$530
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Prime heifers sold very well at Pukekohe on Saturday 31st at $2.82/kg to $3.07/kg, $1425-$1800. The market remained a little sticky for store cattle. Light R2 steers fetched $2.77-$2.80/kg, $1150-$1240 with later-born crossbreds up to $2.93/kg, $740. Weaner steers traded from $3.51/kg to $3.89/kg, $340-$520 and heifers $2.73/kg to $4.02/kg, $337-$390.

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