Saturday, December 2, 2023

Stortford Lodge store cattle and sheep 18.09

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Two-year Hereford steers, 537kg, made $1820, $3.39/kg Two-year Angus & Angus-Hereford heifers, 386-391kg, firmed to $3.10-$3.12/kg Top annual draft Romney ewes with lambs-at-foot firmed to $128.50-$129.50 all counted Medium-good ewes with multiple lambs-at-foot sold for $106-$112 all counted Good to heavy ewe lambs firmed to $165-$175
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The cattle sale was largely based around beef-dairy at Stortford Lodge last Wednesday. Short term types continued to sell well, though restricted grass growth limited interest in yearlings. Two-year Simmental-cross steers, 387-427kg, made $3.23/kg to $3.39/kg, with Angus & Angus-Hereford similar. Beef-dairy heifers varied from $2.74/kg to $2.89/kg.
Yearling beef-dairy steers averaged 255kg and $835, $3.28/kg, though heifers were well off that pace at $645, $2.71/kg for 240kg. Bulls of similar breeding and 212-245kg returned $590-$800.
Store lamb volume continued to fall, and prices firmed. A small yarding of heavy male lambs largely traded at $174-$191 and medium ewe lambs proved popular at $146-$159.

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