Saturday, December 9, 2023

Summerfruit growers vote on levy

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Summerfruit growers are voting on whether to continue industry funding for biosecurity, crop protection and export market access.
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The sector’s commodity levy order ends before the start of the 2020 summerfruit season. 

The new order will let Summerfruit NZ levy growers for another six years. 

Summerfruit NZ spokesman Tim Jones says “We found almost unanimous support for our current levy calculation method, which is based on a percentage of sales value.” 

“So we are putting this option forward for growers to vote on in the levy referendum.

“We’re also proposing no increase for the maximum levy rates – currently one rate for apricots, nectarines, peaches and plums and another rate for cherries. 

“Cherries are treated differently because they have higher value and lower overall production per hectare than the other fruits covered by our levy.”.

The outcome of the vote will be known soon after voting closes on November 8.

Summerfruit NZ represents more than 220 growers. The summerfruit market is worth $127 million a year, 69% of it export sales.

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