Thursday, July 7, 2022

Opportunity awaits

Tim Harvey sees potential in the Dushan farm for NZ Inc as far as on-going NZ involvement and commercial activity.

The provincial government wants to exit running the farm on its own. The staff were nervous about the Rogernomics-type reform, which has begun in Guizhou, and their jobs. There is already a proposal for a joint-venture partner to take a 51% stake in the dairy operation and farm.

At this stage it is a discussion document prepared by the Dushan management team and Prosmart Agriculture (the Harvey’s company). Dushan farm is capable of milking 500 cows on 230ha of cultivated land. Another 300ha could be used to run dry stock, heifer rearing, and beef cattle.

The herd would need about 300ha of improved pasture and 230-300ha of natural pasture suitable for development for the investment to work.

Dushan farm could become a base for NZ Ag companies or investors wanting to expand into China with NZ farming technology. Other countries are lobbying Guizhou’s government for the opportunity but NZ, through its 30 years of assistance, has the relationship to be in first (More next issue).

Tim says the Chinese in the villages like people who “walk the walk”.

“New Zealanders fit in well in farming areas of Guizhou.”

Down-to-earth Kiwis who can milk a cow, shear a sheep and are prepared to load silage with the villagers quickly gain respect.

He says there are many “talk-the-talk” officials in every town and city who struggle to relate to the small farmers in the remote villages.

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