Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Man stands smiling between two rows of merchandise in a warehouse wearing a bright yellow safety vest.

Govt’s wool pledge could shift market

The government owns so many buildings, its pledge to use wool in them where feasible could kickstart a recovery in strong-wool prices, says Bremworth CEO.
Agvance cow and calf 1

Bad semen: LIC offers credits, goodwill package to farmers

The response came after LIC discovered issues during quality control testing with its Premier Sires straws.

‘Methane-cutting tools on track for 2030’

AgriZero funds companies developing tech to help NZ farms meet emissions goals.

Look beyond tough start for lamb prices

You don’t have to go far to find a disgruntled sheep farmer, but it may help to remember that we are in the part of the pricing cycle that no one likes, Mel Croad says.
Re-fencing a godsend for cyclone-hit farmers

Re-fencing a godsend for cyclone-hit farmers

Commence the Re-Fence was launched at the Fieldays in June, with Federated Farmers and the Farmy Army involved as partners.
‘Cautiously optimistic’ on Fonterra targets

‘Cautiously optimistic’ on Fonterra targets

Although a 30% reduction in the next seven years will undoubtedly be challenging, Federated Farmers says it’s really important to look at how that target is broken down and how Fonterra plan to work with farmers to achieve it.
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