Friday, July 8, 2022

Safety urged this summer

Following the deaths of two people from quad bike related incidents since Christmas a number of industry bodies are calling for an increase in safety awareness, particularly over the summer months.

“While many farmers are heeding the safety message, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment need to find a better way to convey safety when it comes to recreational users,” Federated Farmers health and safety spokeswoman Jeanette Maxwell said.

“Frankly, no one should be using a quad bike without the appropriate training and not all quad bikes are designed to carry two people.”

Research shows longer daylight hours can lead to an apparent increase in workplace deaths with accidents more likely to happen when people work longer hours and become physically exhausted.

“Stress and fatigue are big issues to consider on the farm at this time of year,” the ministry’s health and safety operations general manager Ona de Rooy said.

“Farmers and their workers are likely to take advantage of daylight saving and so they must understand and be aware of the triggers and signs of stress and fatigue and manage them appropriately.”

De Rooy said the ministry has a number of programmes to promote safety within the agricultural industry.

They include the agriculture action plan, which was launched in 2012, and the ministry’s quad bike safety campaign which will continue into 2013.

“Farmers can expect to see our inspectors this year. They’ll be dropping by to check on how quad bikes are being used and where safety issues are identified there will be penalties,” de Rooy said.

Following the deaths police have reiterated that farm bike users should always wear helmets and high-visability clothing.

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