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Better bung buster wins No 8 accolade

Neal Wallace
From school project to a handy tool for dairy farmers.
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The idea came from Peter Baker’s role helping run the Blackmount Community Pool in Southland.

Baker was using crossed-over screwdrivers and other innovative ways to open bungs on 100 litre and 200L drums of chlorine for at the pool, which got him thinking there has to be a simpler solution.

The problem was handed over to Peter and Nicky Baker’s son Andrew who, in 2013, adopted it as a school project.

Andrew’s prototype was a multi-pronged tool with legs that can fit different sized barrel bungs, ideal for the dairy industry, which uses drums of chemicals.

The prototype included a rectangular end that fits breather bungs and a separate indented end to prise open plastic bucket lids.

Peter and Nicky Baker with their ABMAN multi-function tool, which opens drums and was commended at Southern Field Days.

Baker used the initial prototype, which was made of steel, for 10 years. It has since evolved into ABMAN, a commercial reinforced plastic product that was commended in the No 8 Wired Section at this month’s Southern Field Days Farm Innovation Awards.

Its benefit compared to other products, according to Baker, is that it is low cost and lightweight and the one tool performs multiple functions.

ABMAN was designed in Invercargill and is built in Mosgiel. 

Peter said the family is not out to make money, with $3 from the $10 price being donated to the mental health charity Gumboot Friday.

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