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NZ company boasts a ‘world-first’ dairy farm sprayer

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The sprayer has a 12 metre boom, significantly longer than a standard boom.
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New Zealand company BA Pumps & Sprayers has designed a new type of sprayer that is believed to be a world first in design and innovation.

Called the LM Linkage Sprayer with fully hydraulic M-fold boom, it allows farmers to do their own spraying on a reasonably large scale.

BA Pumps & Sprayers general manager Mark Harris – himself a dairy farmer – says it allows for farmers to do their own broad acre spraying at an affordable price point. 

Farmers also have complete control of the sprayer and its movement from their tractor cab.

“For mid-sized farmers, it’s now viable for them to do their own spraying at a lot bigger scale and gain a lot more benefit from it whether it be establishing crops, pasture spraying or doing a bit of liquid fert.”

The sprayer has a 12 metre boom, significantly longer than a standard boom, allowing for farmers to cover more crop before having to refill its 1150 litre chemical tank.

Harris says this saves farmers a huge amount of time.

“It makes it one, smooth continuous operation to get all of the spraying done.”

It also has an option to have a 900 litre tank and 10m boom.

It is also fully hydraulic, allowing the farmer to stay in the tractor cab when opening and folding the boom and it has full wing lift along the boom to match the contour of the country, allowing it to go to more areas.

“You can use this hydraulic boom whereas if it was a manual boom – you wouldn’t be able to use it. You would be hitting the ground all of the time.”

Harris says it will set a new benchmark for pasture and crop spraying for farmers, providing them with a tool to get the job done quicker, easier and safely.

“It’s a world-first design, uniquely crafted in New Zealand for New Zealand’s local conditions, prioritising safety, efficiency and extreme durability.”

“We believe we are offering something so unique to the market that we are currently in the process of patenting many features of this product – meaning you won’t find anything else like it.”

The sprayer will be on display at the BA Stand at the Regional Field Days in Feilding and at Mystery Creek in June.

This article first appeared in our sister publication, Dairy Farmer.

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