Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Sheep meat to be worst hit by no-deal Brexit

Sheep farmers are likely to be the hardest hit of all British producers under a no-deal Brexit, resulting in clear knock-on implications for New Zealand sheep meat exporters, according to a new report from the Britain’s Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board.


UK lamb imports steady

Next year’s British lamb imports are forecast to remain close to 2018 levels according to the latest agri-markets outlook from Britain’s Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board.


Deal will lower prices

Britain is committed to negotiating a highly ambitious free-trade agreement with New Zealand, complete with the promise of more jobs in both countries and lower prices for consumers.

Kiwi genetics boost Scots sheep

New Zealand Suffolk genetics have helped Scottish farmer Donald Macdonald achieve a lambing percentage of more than 170% and a weaning figure of 156% on his highly exposed, wet and windy farm near Thurso in the far north of the country.


French farmers don’t like free trade

French farm leaders are taking a cautious approach towards the European Union’s ongoing free-trade negotiations with New Zealand and Australia.

The country’s main farmers’ union, FNSEA, is already less than enthusiastic about the EU’s fledgling free-trade deal with Canada (CETA) while being hugely negative over the EU’s approach to securing a similar agreement with the Mercosur countries.

Lamb price crisis in Ireland

Irish farming leaders have appealed to the country’s meat companies not to impose further price cuts on producers even though some factories report having to deal with up to 30% under-finished lambs because of severe drought.