Friday, July 1, 2022

Mel Croad

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Armed with an analytical brain, it's second nature for Mel Croad as an AgriHQ analyst to investigate, learn and understand what makes our sheep and beef markets tick. Having done that for more than 10-plus years, it brings her a lot of joy to then break down that information in a way that relates to farming decisions. I love bringing a sense of clarity to farmers, especially the busy, savvy ones who hunger for honest, independent market information, but are often too busy to wade through all that data themselves. Another highlight is being surrounded by a team of analysts who also all get how important our role is to the wider industry. Outside of the office, she can usually be found with her sleeves rolled up, working on/within our farming operation, putting all that market knowledge to good use.

ANALYST INTEL: Limited beef supplies to China

Two atypical cases of bovine spongiform encephalitis (BSE), or mad cow disease, have been detected at separate locations in Brazil. In accordance with existing China policy, Brazil put an immediate halt on beef exports to China. Atypical BSE describes a case which develops in cattle sporadically, rather than by consuming infected animal matter and affects all cattle populations at a very low rate.

ANALYST INTEL: Signs of growth in lamb crop

For the first time in four years, Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s Stock Survey report indicates we can expect more lambs on the ground than last spring. The 2021 lamb crop is forecast to lift back over 23 million head, essentially returning to 2019 levels.

ANALYST INTEL: June record set for lamb export values

It has been a whirlwind ride for lamb prices this winter. Farmgate prices have lifted by $1.50/kg over the last 10 weeks compared with the usual increase of just 60c/kg. Avid readers of AgriHQ reports will be well versed on some of the key drivers propelling the lamb market into uncharted waters for winter. The reopening of the foodservice sector in key markets combined with tight pipeline supplies of lamb have led to a solid pricing recovery for NZ lamb.

PULSE: Australia sets ambitious flock rebuild goals

New Zealand was once the global leader in lamb exports. But that accolade is slipping from our grasp as our only true competitor marches to the front of the line. Favourable weather conditions, an eye for the future and limited alternatives are driving Australia’s intention to rebuild its sheep flock. And much like their desire to wrangle the Bledisloe Cup from NZ, they are setting some ambitious goals.


PULSE: More upside for store lamb prices

Store lambs have been the victors of the strong upside in slaughter prices recently. 

Winter supply contracts have quickly established pricing expectations through to early spring, which has buyers facing a much more promising outlook than a few weeks ago. Prices in both the paddock and sale yards have surged, allowing vendors to cash-in on the higher returns as buyers scurry to secure winter trading numbers.