Monday, February 26, 2024

a2 Milk Company calls for grant proposals

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Company has $630,000 to spend on sustainability projects.
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The a2 Milk Company has launched a new round of grants, totally up to $630,000, to support projects that will enhance dairy farm sustainability. 

Farmers supplying A1 protein free milk in New Zealand or Australia for use in a2MC’s products are eligible to apply.

The a2 Farm Sustainability Fund supports projects in the company’s supply chain that demonstrate an integrated approach to a sustainable future and enable a positive and meaningful impact across the community and environment.

Since inception, the New Zealand and Australia programmes have awarded more than 65 projects with a value of more than $1.5 million. The projects have included diverse riparian planting, alternative fertiliser use, diverse pasture implementation, wetland restoration and planting of trees to enhance biodiversity and provide shelter for animals.

Under this latest round of funding, the Farm Sustainability Fund will allocate up to $630,000 to applicants in NZ and Australia.

The a2 Milk Company has partnered with specialist agriculture organisations in both countries to administer the fund and support the assessment and progress of projects – Lincoln University and Landcare Australia, a not-for-profit organisation focused on sustainable management of natural and productive landscapes in Australia.

Applications are evaluated by an independent committee comprised of industry experts. Evaluation is based on areas including improving animal health and wellbeing; lowering greenhouse gas emissions; increasing on-farm carbon sequestration; improving farm system resilience; improving water quality and efficiency; enhancing on-farm biodiversity; and managing and improving soil health.

The a2 Milk Company is also funding measurement tools for farms that receive grants under the fund, such as carbon audits and water quality testing, to enable them to measure the impact of their projects.

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