Thursday, May 19, 2022

Annette Scott

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Craige and Roz McKenzie pose under a centre-pivot irrigator on their Mid Canterbury farm.

Farming with passion and precision

Agricultural champions Craige and Roz Mackenzie have poured their heart and soul into their family farming operation over the past 40 years, but health challenges now force them off their land. They talked with Annette Scott.
Robin Oakley stands in front of a large solar panel.

Powering up the growth curve

A family farm at the forefront of New Zealand’s environmental evolution is harnessing the sun to power its own post-harvest operation washing tonnes of potatoes at its Canterbury site. Annette Scott reports.
Close up image of a army worm moth

Keep an eye out for plant pest

Biosecurity New Zealand and primary sector partners are urging maize and corn growers to keep a close eye out for a crop-killing moth pest with potential to cost cropping farmers millions of dollars.