Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Fertiliser prices fall again

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Urea price drops by $100 a tonne.
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New Zealand’s two main fertiliser co-operatives, Ballance Agri-Nutrients and Ravensdown, have announced further reductions in the price of nitrogen-based fertiliser products.

Both companies have reduced urea by $100 a tonne.

Ballance Agri-nutrients general manager of sales JasonMinkhorst told shareholders: “We know you are facing cost challenges and margin squeezes in your business, and we are committed to doing all we can to help.”

It now has urea priced at $880/T, SustaiN and SuperN is at $929/T and $910/T respectively while DAP and MOP have each fallen by $300/T, to $1295 and $1250 respectively.

The falls in its other prices include: Nrich SOA will be decreasing by $172/T to $625/T, PhaSedN is down $100/T to $795/T, SOP is back $350/T to $1650/T and Sulphurgain 90S will be decreasing by $80/T to $930/T.

Ravensdown’s Gary Bowick told its farmer-shareholders that the price adjustment reflects changes in the international market.

“We understand the importance of business planning in this high-cost environment and aim to pass changes on as soon as possible,” he said.

Urea has fallen from $989-$889, N-Protect from $1038 to $938, granular potassium chloride from $1539 to $1230, Sulphate of Potash from $1965 to $1799, Cropmaster DAP from $1529 to $1299 and Granular Ammonium Sulphate from $812 to $685.

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