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My Daily Digest: April 30, 2021

Glyphosate rears its head – again News that the Environmental Protection Authority wants information on glyphosate use in New Zealand hasn’t gone down too well with some in the sector.

The EPA’s current advice is that it’s safe to use, but many other nations are reconsidering this stance. 

That may in fact be part of the reason why the New Zealand watchdog is acting now.

If the European Union, for example, were to ban it, glyphosate use might come up in trade talks or they might recoil from importing food that has been in contact with it.

Japan has already flagged some NZ honey that had very low traces of the weedkiller.

At this stage it’s still a fact-finding mission and it’s probably useful to know as much as possible in advance of any discussions where its use comes up.


Bryan Gibson


Concern over Aus trade talks

There is mounting concern Australia is ready to agree a low-quality trade deal with the United Kingdom and leave New Zealand on the back foot in its own talks to open up the market for its key agricultural exports.



EPA priorities challenged with glyphosate review

The decision by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to seek more information on glyphosate use in New Zealand has left industry leaders and some scientists perplexed.



Agmardt GM ready to pass the reins

After more than eight years as general manager at ag seed funder Agmardt, Malcolm Nitschke has decided it’s time to hand over the reins to someone else. 



Imported petfoods drying up

More than two million domestic cats and dogs face a change in diet away from imported dry foods towards locally-produced wet foods because of disruption to imports.



Temuka cattle sales going online

Temuka Saleyards Co-operative in South Canterbury will introduce live streaming and online bidding for weekly cattle sales from the end of July.


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