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My Daily Digest: February 11, 2021

Preference aside, people have to eat There’s a long-standing disconnect between livestock farmers and those who favour a plant-based or vegan diet, with each side taking a somewhat extreme stance against the other.

But as we know the world isn’t black-and-white and the people sporting shades of grey simply want good quality food, whether it’s from plants or animals.

The growth of plant-based consumption has been steady over recent years and some may see that as a threat to the New Zealand farming way of life, but now many food producers are seeing opportunity.

There are plans for an oat processing facility down south and there’s more being planted down that way. Some are sowing after winter crops to mop up nutrients. Others are growing it for high-end human consumption.

Whatever the reasons, the upshot is that there are consumers wanting to eat high-quality food and as always, NZ farmers can provide it, if they wish.

Bryan Gibson


Velvet coalition targets China

Three companies marketing deer velvet antlers in Asia have formed a coalition to develop a market for New Zealand velvet as a health food ingredient in China.


Plant-based factory to bring farmer opportunities

Construction of a new oat milk extraction plant, providing new opportunities for farmers, is expected to start in Southland within 18 months, says the head of the country’s largest user of the grain.


Irish dairy farmers mull buy-back

Dairy farmers in County Kerry, Ireland, are chewing over a proposal that they buy back a 60% controlling stake in the milk processing assets of the multinational Kerry Group.



Carbon price rise could inflate log exports

Global log markets could be distorted by forest owners delaying harvest to take advantage of a rapid rise in the price of New Zealand carbon units.



Meat prices trimmed for Pamu

Pamu has declared a net profit after tax of $8 million for the six months to December 31, 2020.


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