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My Daily Digest: March 10, 2021

Invest in labour, reap the rewards  Today the Government announced New Zealand’s vaccination plan and with immunisation rolling out around the world already, market watchers are bearish about the year ahead.

Rabobank says dairy prices might peak soon once logistics issues are resolved, but the outlook longer-term is good.

It’s picking a $7.80 payout for the season, surely beyond the dreams of many when the pandemic hit.

Labour is still hard to attract and retain for dairy farmers, as it is in other sectors, but with these sorts of numbers there’s an opportunity for those seeking workers to present attractive packages.

And, there’ll be no shortage of eyes turned by the money flowing through the sector.


Bryan Gibson


Dairy markets to benefit in covid recovery

Trade logistics are leading to a scramble for dairy products in the New Zealand and Australian off-season, US-based Rabobank dairy analyst Ben Laine says.



Telcos hit back at WISPA claims

The big telecommunication companies have rejected claims by wireless internet providers that cheap wireless broadband deals will slice off spectrum needed by rural users.



Beef sector innovation growing

New investment and growing sustainability awareness are emerging as the new drivers in beef industry innovation.



NZP emphasises need for CoOL pork

New Zealand Pork says the Government is letting Kiwis down as the country faces an increasing flood of imported pork products.



Catchment project fosters understanding

A catchment group project near Palmerston North encouraging farmers to take their own on-farm water samples is holding an open day next month.



Tonight on Sarah’s Country: Change Maker Wednesday 


Meadow Mushrooms Ltd chair and co-founder of Food Nation Miranda Burdon shares why we should eat more plants and talks about the shift in landscape and the way we produce our food.


Thermo Regulatory Genetics is an innovative dairy genetics company focused solely on developing heat-tolerant genetics in dairy cows. Chief executive Derek Fairweather explains.


North Canterbury has its first food and beverage brand. Enterprise North Canterbury food and development manager Alissa Wilson shares how to get involved. 


Lincoln University agribusiness and food marketing student and Bowalley Free Range marketing and brand manager Anna Craig shares why she’s having a crack at the free range egg industry.


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