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My Daily Digest: March 29, 2021

Supply chain crisis is food for thought In our complex world of trade, tariffs and supply chains, it’s a bit disconcerting to be reminded that all of it is contingent on two tiny tracts of water.

But as ships back up behind the Ever Given, which is plugging the Suez Canal, it’s clear that all the blockchains in the world can’t save us from the sheer physical reality of the need to move things around the globe.

Hopefully far more horsepower than the tiny digger is being used to free it now and if it’s successful, we could avoid a major supply chain meltdown.

But there are resources, food and even live animals in the other vessels waiting patiently for passage.

In a world that’s come face to face with the realities of food security in the past year through covid-19, this latest canal-block will be another reason for nations to evolve how and who they get their food from.


Bryan Gibson


Blocked canal’s impact unknown until vessel’s moved

Meat exporters fear already difficult shipping problems could quickly escalate if the clearance of a container ship blocking the Suez Canal is prolonged.



Pasture symposium announces key speakers

Raise the topic of pasture resilience, and key themes emerge among both New Zealand farmers and researchers, especially around climate change, according to a leading pasture scientist.



Helping farmers understand their GHG numbers

Two resources have been developed and made available to farmers to help them understand their individual greenhouse gas (GHG) numbers.



DOC’s ‘legislative blocks’ slammed

The release of giant kokopu breeding fish in restored waterways in northern districts is being frustrated by the Department of Conservation (DOC) on advice from its own freshwater ecologist.



New cow study could benefit NZ

New research from Northern Ireland which shows that dairy cows farmed indoors all year round have damaged emotional wellbeing is good news for the New Zealand dairy industry where most of its cows are raised outdoors on pasture.


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