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My Daily Digest: May 4, 2021

Data speaks for itself There’s been a bit of a mantra in New Zealand food circles that we need to tell our story better to consumers in order to flourish.

More and more, though, other people are telling the story for us, through data.

The stock exchange, in partnership with S&P, yesterday unveiled a carbon efficiency index that ranks listed companies according to their emissions.

They say it’s due to the ever-increasing demand from investors for more information about the impact industry has on the environment.

That index will be packaged up by fund providers and marketed to investors. This leads to an important question. Will NZ food producers be able to access the full breadth of investor capital in the future?

S&P’s global head of ESG Indices Reid Steadman said there was “rising demand from asset owners and investors for benchmarks that take into account companies’ carbon impacts”.

Perhaps our focus should not be on telling the story but on doing the work to make it easier for others to tell – through the data.


Bryan Gibson


Low-carbon NZX indices aim to discourage emissions

New Zealand’s Exchange and S&P Dow Jones have launched carbon-efficient versions of the benchmark NZX 50 Index, designed to incentivise companies to reduce emissions.



Hewett back in SFF Co-op role

Rob Hewett has stepped back into the role of Silver Fern Farms (SFF) Co-operative chair.



Land-use change may bite bull demand

The 2021 bull sale season begins in May with breeders and vendors expecting good demand and prices that reward their efforts on genetics, selection and farm management.



Experts weigh in on dry weather patterns

Farmers and growers around New Zealand looking for rain should dig in for an extended dry period, with little prospect of a shift in weather patterns on the horizon.



FARMSTRONG: Always a way through

Together with his sharemilkers Theo and Martin Sneek and their staff, Geoff Spark runs a 460ha dairy operation near Oxford. He’s a third-generation farmer and grew up on the family farm in Rangiora, which the family’s still farming after 55 years.

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