Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Apiculturalists set to swarm Rotorua

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All things bee on the agenda for conference and trade show.
Clifton King of New Zealand’s American Foulbrood pest management plan says the vaccine technology is welcome, but there is some way to go before knowing the new vaccine can do more than slow the disease’s spread.
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Beekeepers and industry representatives will descend on Rotorua later this month for the Apiculture New Zealand Conference.

The conference and trade exhibition, to be held at the  Rotorua Energy Events Centre on June 29-30, is expected to attract hundreds of people.

“This is the time all industry gets together to hear from the experts and discuss current issues and opportunities,” Apiculture New Zealand CEO Karin Kos said.

This year’s theme, Beyond the frame: where to next for the NZ apiculture sector?, reflects the current uncertainty for the apiculture sector, while also referencing the resilience of the industry and the opportunities that exist.

Bee scientists and communicators Dr David Tarpy (North Carolina) and Dr Peter Neumann (Bern, Switzerland) are the  keynote speakers.  

Australia Honey Bee Industry Council CEO Danny le Feuvre will outline how Australia is dealing with the recent arrival of the Varroa destructor mite.

A conference gala dinner, awards evening and auction will raise money for Cure Kids.

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