Friday, December 1, 2023

Good wools hit high note

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Well-prestented wool sold strongly in a rising Napier auction on Thursday.
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Most wool types, including hogget fleece, attracted good interest, PGG Wrightson North Island auctioneer Steve Fussell said. 

One very good Hawke’s Bay hogget line broke well over $4/kg greasy.

Following the trend of a week earlier there was very little interest in wools with raddle markings.

Good style 35 microns fleece sold about 5% cheaper than at the previous sale but other full fleece and most second-shear wools were firmer. The good style 37 microns and stronger fleece was up to 5% dearer. For second-shear wools, some good styles were 6% to 7% stronger in price. Second-shear bellies and pieces, 2-to-4 inches, were up to 6% cheaper. The pass-in rate was about 6%.

Sales, all by micron, price/kg clean, full wool, good-to-average colour: 32, $4.54/kg; 33, $3.47; 34, $3.06, down 2c; 35, $2.99; 36, $3.17, up 37c; 37, $2.92, up 10c. Crossbred second shear: 33, 2-3 inches, $2.81/kg, up 13c; 35, 3-4 inches, $2.88, up 3c; 2-3 inches, $2.58, steady; 37, 3-4 inches, $2.90, down 1c; 2-3 inches, $2.70, up 11c; 39, 3-5 inches, $2.87; 3-4 inches, $2.90, up 15c; 2-3 inches, $2.70.

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