Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Kaikohe 4.08

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A limited number of R1 steers fetched $2.80/kg to $3.00/kg R1 beef-cross bulls achieved $2.50/kg to $2.70/kg R1 heifers mostly traded to $2.50-$2.60/kg Heavier boner cows made $1.80-$1.90/kg and lighter types $1.60-$1.70/kg
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Demand for the 300 head offering eased with the market in winter mode at Kaikohe, PGG Wrightson agent Vaughan Vujcich reported. R2 beef-cross bulls fetched $2.40/kg, though heifers were more resilient to $2.65/kg. Vetted-in-calf and run-with-bull cows sold in a range of $1.90/kg to $2.10/kg.

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