Friday, December 8, 2023

Kaikohe cattle 20.11

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Two-year Angus-cross and beef-dairy steers improved to $3.30-$3.56/kg Top two-year heifers returned $3.00/kg Most yearling exotic and beef-cross steers earned $3.40-$3.55/kg Yearling Speckle Park bulls were a highlight at $3.36/kg Weaner Friesian bulls traded at $400-$450
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Throughput eased slightly at Kaikohe last Wednesday with 560 head penned, and was met by strong competition from the bench particularly in the two-year steer section, PGG Wrightson agent Vaughan Vujcich reported.

Most two-year bulls earned $2.80-$2.85/kg.

Yearling beef-dairy steers held at $3.25-$3.35/kg, with off-bred heifers harder to shift at $2.75-$2.90/kg. Yearling beef-cross and Friesian-cross bulls made $2.55-$2.80/kg

Weaner beef-dairy heifers fetched $450-$500.

Good cows with calves-at-foot returned $1400-$1460 per unit, with lesser types at $1000-$1050 per unit.

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