Sunday, April 21, 2024

Miraka wins B Corporation certification

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Organisation’s high environmental and social standards align with Māori values, company says.
Miraka collects milk from 100 local farms within a 120km radius of the factory, which gives it a farm-fresh advantage and results in superior quality products.
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Miraka has achieved B Corporation certification, meaning it has been independently verified as meeting high environmental and social standards.

Miraka chair Bruce Scott said being a certified B Corporation aligns with everything the company stands for – “excellence in values and principles, business, social outcomes and environmental leadership, or kaitiakitanga as we know it.”

B Corp certification is granted by B Lab, a non-profit global organisation set up in 2006 to drive economic system change by creating standards, policies and programmes that shift the culture and structure of capitalism

Miraka chief executive Karl Gradon said the certification is testament to the long-term, intergenerational view that the company’s founding leaders and Māori trusts envisioned. 

“Our founders established Miraka upon a Te Ao Māori worldview and kaitiakitanga values, which embrace the care of the natural environment, resources and people. B Corp aligns with our principles so there is a natural synergy.”

B Lab Australia New Zealand CEO Andrew Davies said there are 150 certified B Corporations in Aotearoa and more than 8000 globally. 

“More companies can learn from Miraka’s leadership. Working together we can transform our economy to one that benefits future generations, where businesses are designed to deliver positive impact for people, planet, and communities, alongside making a profit,” he said. 

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