Wednesday, December 6, 2023

New rural podcast starts

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A new rural podcast will launch on Friday. Sarah’s Country will focus on the future of the New Zealand food and fibre sector but with a twist.
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The host of Sarah’s Country, former co-host and producer of Rural Exchange, Sarah Perriam said it is an exciting new chapter for rural radio. 

“Since I started behind a microphone in 2017 leading into the election the problems facing NZ’s primary sector have been mounting at a rapid pace. 

“As Einstein famously said ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when creating them’. 

“And I love being in a role where I can facilitate the tough conversations we need to have with an open heart and an open mind,” Perriam said. 

“This is a weekly radio show with a twist. I will discuss the biggest issues once a week in agribusiness and politics as well as thought-provoking views on the future of farming. 

“It’s about putting the audience first with no commercial agenda.”

Sarah’s Country is a strategic alliance with GlobalHQ and will draw content from Farmers Weekly, Dairy Farmer and AgriHQ. 

“This is 2020. It’s time to do things differently across the board. Media is no different. We need to innovate to stay relevant to our consumers. 

“That is why I am excited to work alongside a company such as GlobalHQ to provide rural radio and television in a way that has never been done before.” 

Broadcasting out of a multimedia studio at Blinc Workshop at Lincoln University, Sarah’s Country will be available at 3pm on Fridays via the Sarah’s Country mobile app, and on Radio Central, Coast FM and CFM at 6am Saturdays.

“Having a mobile app makes it easier for the audience to interact and find not only all the interviews from Sarah’s Country but also a lot of new agribusiness podcasts from other NZ rural organisations produced by Perriam Media all in one spot.” 

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