Thursday, February 22, 2024

NZ equestrian events get ‘much-needed’ veterinary boost

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IRT New Zealand will top up funds to be used for support at events.
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After surveying needs throughout the competition sector, IRT New Zealand is boosting veterinary support at key NZ equestrian events.

Equestrian Sports New Zealand has liaised with groups throughout the competition sector and the unanimous response has been that additional funds provided by IRT are greatly needed to support the veterinary costs associated with running events. 

An event cannot start without the necessary medical standards in place, and this includes veterinary support that can cost up to $1000 a day or more depending on the size and the type of competition.   

Equestrian Sports NZ CEO Julian Bowden said: “We have consulted each of the disciplines and have had discussion around a raft of ways that IRT’s generous sponsorship could be allocated within each discipline.   

“We’re delighted that everyone wholeheartedly agreed that they would like to see these funds go towards supporting the veterinary costs associated with running events. This is an integral aspect of improving our horse welfare outcomes and we’re grateful for IRT’s support in this area.”

International horse carrier IRT NZ is the official welfare partner of Equestrian Sports NZ, supporting the disciplines of eventing, showjumping, dressage, endurance and para-equestrian. 

The partnership between the sports organisation and the international horse carrier has seen both organisations working together to develop tools and resources that support ongoing education around ensuring a focus on a “good life for the horse”.

IRT’s managing director Richard Cole said: “The whole team here at IRT couldn’t be happier than to see our sponsorship funds go towards ensuring adequate veterinary support is available at key Equestrian Sports NZ events. It will provide reassurance for competitors and sponsors alike, that if required, the best emergency care available is on hand.” 

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