Friday, December 8, 2023

Pukekohe cattle 18.01

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Prime steers eased at $2.66/kg to $2.79/kg Prime heifers managed mainly steady returns at $2.62/kg to $2.80/kg Boner cows held over a range of $1.38/kg to $1.92/kg
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Hot dry conditions continued to soften the market for most at Pukekohe on Saturday 18th January. Quality varied throughout the yarding, with prime heifers and boner cows the only older cattle to hold on recent results.

Light 18-month steers eased at $2.43/kg to $2.72/kg, while medium 15-month heifers earned a similar $2.40/kg to $2.73/kg.

Medium weaner steers managed $555-$680, with heifers at $465-$555.

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