Thursday, April 25, 2024

Trust opts not to appeal mānuka honey ruling

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The mānuka honey industry lost its government-backed bid to trademark the term “Mānuka Honey” in New Zealand in May.
The Mānuka Charitable Trust will continue to try and protect of the mānuka honey name in NZ and around the world. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
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The Mānuka Charitable Trust has opted not to appeal the Intellectual Property Office of NZ’s decision upholding the opposition to the term mānuka honey being the sole property of New Zealand honey producers.

The ruling made last month was prompted by Australian honey producers who claimed they were entitled to use the term, saying it was not the exclusive domain of NZ producers.

Pita Tipene, Mānuka Charitable Trust chair, said the trust had decided not to appeal on technicalities, but that this is was far from the end of the determination to achieve protection of the name in NZ and around the world.

“We are considering our next steps and will provide further updates,” he said.

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