Saturday, December 2, 2023

Wellsford store cattle 16.09

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Two-year Angus and Angus-cross steers, 307-545kg, lifted to $3.00-$3.18/kg Two -year Hereford-Friesian steers, 320-472kg, improved to $3.04-$3.17/kg Two-year Hereford-Friesian heifers, 391-417kg, were chased to $3.02-$3.07/kg Yearling Angus heifers, 155kg, softened to $3.81/kg Yearling Angus and Angus-Hereford steers 234kg, strengthened to $3.72/kg
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Mild weather increased positivity at Wellsford last Monday, with a moderate buying bench selective on a mixed-quality yarding.

Two-year Hereford-dairy steers, 429-440kg, held at $2.96-$3.02/kg. Murray Grey-Friesian cross, 487kg, returned $2.94/kg, with most Friesian and Friesian-cross, maintaining levels of $2.58-$2.79/kg.

Yearling Angus Friesian steers, 168-220kg, traded at a solid $3.10-$3.36/kg, and Hereford-Friesian, 186-224kg, $3.55-$3.79/kg. Friesian bulls, 197-225kg, eased to $2.84-$2.96/kg.

Two pens of yearling Hereford-Friesian heifers, both weighing 173kg, varied from $3.47kg to $3.99/kg.

Autumn-born beef and exotic weaner bulls, 164-173kg, returned $485-$590, with dairy bred bulls, 157-167kg, earning $420-$460.

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