Thursday, April 25, 2024

A chance to make your Voice heard

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AgriHQ launches an exciting new initiative to gain an understanding of what’s on farmers’ minds.
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AgriHQ wants to hear your views on the issues and challenges facing the primary sector.

The Farmer’s Voice is a new initiative launched this week by AgriHQ, the publishers of Farmers Weekly, which provides a platform for farmers to share their thoughts on farming-related issues.

Through discussions and regular surveys hosted by The Farmer’s Voice, farmers can identify topical issues and express their views, which can then assist sector and political leaders in making decisions that shape the direction of the industry.

AgriHQ publisher Dean Williamson said farmers want more agency over the challenges, obstacles and the direction of change to their industry.

“We need more understanding of the challenges, issues and where farmers are at,” he said.

“That’s what The Farmer’s Voice is about, understanding those positions.

“By joining The Farmer’s Voice you’ll be working with AgriHQ and partners to provide the real story of what farmers are experiencing, and you can expect greater accountability as a result.”

The new tool uses AgriHQ to reach into the agricultural community through print and online platforms.

The names of those participating will be anonymous but the results will be shared with all those taking part.

Group findings will be studied and reported by journalists and analysts at AgriHQ and brought to the attention of decision-makers in industry bodies and the government.

The first project is to determine what it is like to be a farmer in New Zealand today, and what the most important issues are for industry leaders to be aware of.

Farmers can participate here.

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