Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Artificial Intelligence

Meatworks automation gathers pace

Meatworks automation gathers pace

ByHugh StringlemanApr 11, 2022
The automated system lifts processing yields, improves safety and allows Alliance to refocus an already short labour supply on other areas of production.High meat prices and lack of skilled labour have boosted demand for automation and robotics provider Scott Technology,…

Robots offer a tireless staffing option

ByRichard RennieFeb 8, 2022
The Smart Machine company founding team, from left, Nicholas Gledhill, Walter Langlois and Andrew Kersley.The prospect of autonomous robotic tractors has long been a lure for growers and farmers, often…

John Deere releases autonomous tractor for US market

ByGerald PiddockJan 17, 2022
John Deere’s first autonomous tractor for large-scale production has been released to the US market. It could be available for New Zealand farmers in a few years time.Autonomous tractors could…

Partnership opens AI door

ByGerald PiddockDec 13, 2021
Fonterra has signed an agreement with Dutch startup company Connecterra, giving farmers the opportunity to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) technology in their herd management.The agreement will see Connecterra’s Ida (Intelligent…