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Milk forecasts firm as GDT prices mark time

Milk forecasts firm as GDT prices mark time

Hugh StringlemanApr 17, 2024
Not much changed in terms of the mix of buyers in the latest auction.

Dairy prices fall in latest GDT

Farmers WeeklyMar 6, 2024
First decrease at the Global Dairy Trade auction after six consecutive gains.

Pace of gain in dairy prices slows

Farmers WeeklyFeb 21, 2024
The GDT market has risen 30% since August 2023.

ASB lifts milk forecast after GDT gains

Farmers WeeklyJan 18, 2024
Gains registered despite China’s relative absence from recent GDT auctions.


Dairy prices rise in latest GDT

Farmers WeeklyJan 17, 2024
Results more bullish than had been anticipated, analyst says.

Banks revise forecasts as GDT improves

Gerald PiddockOct 19, 2023
Fourth lift in a row at global dairy auction, with all product categories making gains.

Dairy prices lift again in latest GDT auction

Gerald PiddockOct 4, 2023
Supply beginning to tighten on a number of commodities.
Tentative welcome for dairy market lift

Tentative welcome for dairy market lift

Hugh StringlemanSep 21, 2023
Too soon to celebrate after the season dairy has had, analysts caution.

Analysts not sold on marginal lift in GDT prices 

Hugh StringlemanSep 7, 2023
Latest GDT prices offer first relief in months, but broader recovery not expected ‘for some time’.
GDT brings some relief to dairy prices

GDT brings some relief to dairy prices

Hugh StringlemanSep 6, 2023
China not the key driver as buyers from southeast Asia/Oceania step up.

Fonterra makes changes to GDT forecast volumes

Farmers WeeklySep 1, 2023
Whole milk powder and skim milk powder volumes shifted from core event to GDT pulse auctions.

ASB slashes forecast following ‘terrible’ GDT

Gerald PiddockAug 17, 2023
Overall prices reach their lowest levels since 2018.
Worker in milking shed with cows

GDT auction prices get a walloping

Farmers WeeklyAug 16, 2023
Lows across the board, with cheese the only pat on the back.

Payouts in peril as GDT plummets

BusinessDeskAug 2, 2023
‘Such a large fall will increase the chance of further downgrades’.

Dairy prices slip on butter slide

Hugh StringlemanJul 7, 2023
After mini rally, GDT prices fall to lowest level since late 2020.

Dairy price movements add up to nought

Farmers WeeklyJun 21, 2023
Flat result was not unexpected by market.
Man stands resting on a fence in paddock.

GDT price bucks trend with surprise lift

Hugh StringlemanApr 20, 2023
Auction produces first increase for three months.
Dairy season limps to a good conclusion

Dairy season limps to a good conclusion

Hugh StringlemanMar 23, 2023
Flurry of downward revisions as Chinese interest takes a while to revive.
NZ dollars

Relatively subdued event for milk powders

Guest writerMar 13, 2023
Constant big buyers for the commodity were nonexistent at this auction, with volumes being split between southeast Asia and north Asia only, pulling demand significantly lower.
Slow GDT settles milk forecasts at $8.50

Slow GDT settles milk forecasts at $8.50

Hugh StringlemanMar 9, 2023
The reason may be an overhang of dairy products in Chinese storage, but analysts had expected clearer signs of a lift at this stage of the season.
Bidding results and trends in a graph on a computer screen.

Prices ease at GDT Pulse again

Guest writerMar 6, 2023
The auction lasted six rounds.

Unexpected decline at GDT 326

Guest writerFeb 27, 2023
From a regional buying perspective, China has again dominated the auction but this had no influence on overall demand.
GDT prices puzzle but butter positive

GDT prices puzzle but butter positive

Hugh StringlemanFeb 23, 2023
Recovery from the Chinese covid lockdown centres on butter and cheddar were notable as consumers return to restaurants, cafes and bakeries where these products are key inputs.
Worker in milking shed with cows

Global milk prices sliding amid strong production

Guest writerFeb 20, 2023
NZX wraps up the week that was in dairy.

GDT jump as China emerges from lockdown

Hugh StringlemanFeb 9, 2023
Biggest positive move for dairy commodities since September.
Global dairy prices bounce in latest auction

Global dairy prices bounce in latest auction

BusinessDeskFeb 8, 2023
‘Buyers chasing product across the board’ – NZX.

GDT rests before China’s renewed demand

Hugh StringlemanJan 19, 2023
The latest GDT was a lack-lustre affair, with very little movement in prices compared with the previous auction.

GDT on the up and up

Guest writerDec 14, 2022
NZX reports on the latest GDT event.

Milk powders perform well at latest GDT

Guest writerNov 21, 2022
Bidding round information showed more demand arrived for WMP compared to the last event.

GDT lifts a little, against the trend

Hugh StringlemanNov 17, 2022
Close eye on China demand as prices tick higher.

NZX milk price forecast shifts again

Guest writerNov 7, 2022
NZX reviews the week that was in dairy.

GDT recovery now pushed out to next year

Hugh StringlemanNov 3, 2022
Fall in prices prompts rethink on supply-demand outlook,

Milk price forecasts come under threat

Hugh StringlemanOct 20, 2022
All five major dairy commodities drop in latest GDT auction.
Significant lack of demand at latest GDT event

Significant lack of demand at latest GDT event

Guest writerOct 10, 2022
Winning prices decreased across all contracts on offer.

NZX milk price shifts

Guest writerOct 3, 2022
As a result of the increases at GDT 315.
GDT spring recovery looks familiar

GDT spring recovery looks familiar

Hugh StringlemanSep 22, 2022
Uptick in mood of international dairy market reflects in auction.
GDT Pulse continues to confirm market direction

GDT Pulse continues to confirm market direction

Guest writerSep 20, 2022
Over the last three weeks, the SGX-NZX Dairy Derivatives market has pushed upwards.

Demand drives latest GDT result

Guest writerSep 12, 2022
NZX lifts milk price forecast following GDT event 315.

Welcome GDT rise underpins milk prices

Hugh StringlemanSep 8, 2022
Six-month losing streak broken at Global Dairy Trade auction.
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