Thursday, April 25, 2024

Firms roll out robust EV charging support

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Rise of commercial, agri electronic vehicles sparks demand
Larger businesses are increasingly looking to replace or supplement their fleets with EVs and need to be able to charge them in all conditions, says vehicle manufacturer LDV.
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Vehicle manufacturer LDV and smart charger manufacturer Evnex have teamed up to ensure businesses can charge commercial electronic vehicles when and where they want.

Amanda West, fleet support for LDV New Zealand, said they’re seeing increased demand from larger businesses looking for electric vehicles (EVs).

“Smaller businesses were early adopters of commercial EVs, but sales among larger businesses are forecast to rise significantly over the coming years. Businesses want to reduce their emissions and footprint while also looking to cut fuel costs,” she said.

Because LDV’s customers work in different conditions – from farms to building sites, warehouses and more – they tested Evnex’s chargers in a variety of environments to ensure that the chargers stand up to the rigorous requirements these types of businesses have. 

“It’s very important that when a business has work to do, the vehicles are ready to work too,” she said.

“Being able to provide our customers with a New Zealand-owned service that’s simple ticks all the boxes.”

Ed Harvey, chief executive of Evnex, said working in partnership with LDV marks a significant milestone for the company. 

“LDV is leading the way in commercial electric vehicles; their EVs are in high demand. For us, it’s important that businesses trading in their diesel and petrol-fuelled vans and utes also have an intelligent charging solution that will serve them for years to come,” he said. 

“Smart charging is an important part of seamlessly managing electric fleets. Businesses also need robust charging solutions they can rely on, especially in sectors like farming and the trades where vehicles need to perform in sometimes rugged conditions. We think combining the best of what Evnex and LDV can offer is an exciting proposition.”

Evnex will be supplying residential and business charging support to LDV and providing smart charging expertise to its customers. 

It facilitates the largest network of smart chargers in NZ, using technology that enables EV charging that is fast, safe, and as economical as possible. Evnex chargers help drivers charge from less carbon-intensive electricity and will future-proof charging infrastructure by balancing the load on the country’s power supply in years to come.

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