Friday, July 8, 2022

US milk production on the rise

Milk production in the US is showing signs of growth.

Milk production estimates for the month of May indicate an 0.8% increase in production over the same month in 2012.  Production for May totalled 17,742 million pounds, a year-on-year increase of 141 million pounds.  On a production per day basis output during the month of May was marginally less than April, as the typical seasonal decrease in output continues.

Milk production levels in the western States continue to trail last season.  California produces the most milk of any state in the US, but here production is -0.5% down year-on-year for the month of May.  In the North West production remains strong.  Output in Wisconsin was up 1.2% in the month of May following a prolonged period of growth.  







Download the full USDA Milk Production – May 2013 report

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