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Daily Digest | October 9, 2020

Market certainty needed as Brexit looms  Covid-19 has taken the focus away from some of the other problems facing the world at the moment, but the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union still looks like it’s going to be very ugly.

Just what this means for New Zealand exporters is still murky. With the UK a part of the EU we could send our red meat where the prices were best and where it was needed. At this stage, it appears our EU quota will be split between the bickering factions, limiting our options.

Still, the Brexit bargaining rolls on and who knows what sort of deal, if any, will be struck.

In this uncertain world it would be good to have some certainty about where our markets are and how much food we can send them.

Bryan Gibson


Mounting pressure to cement EU meat deal

Sheep meat exporters are pointing to one month of export figures as evidence of the urgent need for a deal to preserve quota for the European Union currently on track to be carved up at the end of the year.


Roadshow highlights challenging year

Alliance chief executive David Surveyor wants farmers to video themselves at work. 


Dairy prices rise as NZ milk builds

The latest Global Dairy Trade (GDT) auction results have indicated relatively firm continued demand for dairy products despite the impact of covid-19 on markets and economies, analysts say.


Karicare aims for carbon neutrality

Danone last week announced that its New Zealand milk formula brand Karicare will achieve carbon neutrality at each stage of the product life cycle by 2030.


Farmers stage protest against ‘dumb’ rules

A tractor protest against freshwater reforms in Gore on Thursday, may not be the last.


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