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Daily Digest: September 25, 2020

Sector’s welfare, environment reputation matters now more than ever It’s a tough gig for trade negotiators at the moment. There’s a global pandemic pushing nations towards protectionism, Trump’s trade war with China and the Brexit chaos. That provides challenges and the odd opportunity for those looking to cement our access to lucrative markets.    

But there’s one thing that Vangelis Vitalis, NZ’s top trade negotiator, says we can and must control, and that’s our record on welfare and the environment.

He says those credentials are becoming increasingly important and any slip-ups could be used against us in trade talks.

We often only note the feelings of NZ’s urban communities when defending the sustainability of farming.

But it is becoming increasingly clear that if we don’t continue to make strides in this area, our food may be shunned by those crucial overseas markets.


Bryan Gibson


Trade negotiator’s warning

The environmental and animal welfare record of New Zealand farmers will come under closer scrutiny in trade talks as countries search for new ways to maintain protections for their own food producers.


Changing wool direction won’t be cheap, easy

Selling bales of wool to the rest of the planet is not going to improve farm gate returns when the problem in the same supply chain is the lack of New Zealand’s ability to manufacture finished product.


Tail trimmer is cutting-edge

Massey industrial design graduate Lisa Newman has been recognised in the prestigious New Zealand James Dyson Awards for her ergonomically sound bovine tail trimmer, designed with NZ dairy farmers firmly in mind. 


Spring bull sale clearances

Halfway through the Spring Bull Sales, the highest price achieved has been $20,000 by Stokman Angus in Rotorua, followed by $15,000 made by Craigmore Herefords, Ohaupo.


Council withdraws PC1 appeal

The Waikato Regional Council will withdraw its appeal to the Environment Court on Healthy Rivers Plan Change 1 (PC1).


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