Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Large herd trials

Callaghan Innovation will co-fund a large-herd testing project for a world-first, sensor-based, wireless monitoring system used to track health and fertility in cows.

Kahne Animal Health has announced Callaghan Innovation will contribute $1 million towards testing the biotelemetry-based rumen and fertility monitoring devices which measure temperature and pH levels and identify oestrus indicators in cows. 

The devices track and transmit data to provide farmers with health alerts and reports to help with the early detection of health problems, effectiveness of nutrition management, disorders that could impact fertility and accurate oestrus detection. 

“Kahne has two products under development – Sentinel, a rumen monitoring system, and Catalyst, a fertility monitoring system – both of which will deliver never-before available support to farmers and their advisors, helping improve the productivity, health and sustainability of ruminant livestock,” Kahne chief executive Susanne Clay said. 

So far 500 prototype units have been sold to researchers around the world but with the co-funding received from Callaghan Innovation the firm can complete development and validate the system at scale with commercial herds.”


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