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North Island mustering support for on-farm sales

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On-farm trend spreading from south, with six big sales planned before Christmas.
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The on-farm sale trend is growing in the North Island and stock agent company Hazlett Limited is leading the way in this domain. 

The company is on the cusp of a busy lead-up to Christmas with six large on-farm sales planned on the east coast of the North Island, stretching from Waikura Station in Gisborne to Tautane Station in Herbertville. 

Hazlett stock agent Rowan Sandford and the team have been working hard over the past three to four years to get the sales off the ground.

 “I started with Hazlett in the South Island, where on-farm sales are popular. The company is well-established in holding these down there and those South Island sales gave a good insight into how successful these sales can be,” Sandford said.

“Over the years we have built a solid livestock team of eight in the North Island and then it was about building the clientele and selling the on-farm idea.” 

Sandford said it has taken time for the idea to catch on, but a turning point was the inaugural on-farm sale held at Mangakuri Station, Elsthorpe, last year.

“Mangakuri Station broke the ice for these sales. Others were interested and the success of that sale convinced a few others to give it a go.”

Sandford said that the timing of all the sales coming on board was not led by concerns around the effects of El Niño on the east coast.

“None of these have been triggered by the fear of the dry or anything, and timing of the weaning is about normal for these guys. A change in selling method has been the driver,  and for the more isolated places it opens up the opportunity to more buyers.”

This year the sales will start at Mangakuri Station on October 24 and neighbouring property Te Manuiri Station will offer up lambs on the same day. 

Next come Brooklands Station, Puketapu (in conjunction with PGG Wrightson) on October 30; Tautane Station, Herbertville (in conjunction with Carrfields Livestock) on November 7; and Taurapa Station, Ocean Beach on November 9. 

The year will wind up with Waikura Station, Gisborne on December 12, where 14,000 lambs, 1500 ewes and 300 yearling Angus heifers will be offered. 

While most of the properties will be holding their first on-farm sale, Tautane Station is not so new to the concept, having held these in the past.

Most of the earlier sales are offering undrafted terminal lambs with yardings ranging from 2000 head up to 7000 head, as well as ewes and cattle at some properties. 

Planning for these sales has ramped up in the past two months, Sandford said, and the Hazlett team will be on hand at each property to help prepare stock for sale and auction on the day.

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