Friday, July 1, 2022

Suz Bremner

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Suz Bremner started with AgriHQ in 2009 as a weigh-crate operator at the Stortford Lodge sale yards. She quickly progressed to agri-market analyst and then took on the role as LivestockEye operations manager in 2010. Her focus is sale yard operations and activity and she has a team of 20 that collect data at various sale yards around the country to be used to create the suite of AgriHQ reports. The Across the Rails articles started in 2016, and she also collates the photos and reports for the Sale Yard Wrap pages. Suz farms with her husband Campbell in Hawke's Bay and has two children. Outside of work, she is busy with children's sport and activities, though finds time for eventing and waterskiing, which are both passions of hers.

ACROSS THE RAILS: Many layers to strong Friesian bull market

Four years ago, M bovis shook up our beef and dairy-beef industry. It had a significant impact on the number of dairy and dairy-beef calves reared as herds had to be killed, and other young stock also suffered the same fate. The calf rearing industry was changed forever it seems and four years on the repercussions are still being seen in the lack of two-year Friesian bulls available, though that is just the tip of the iceberg.

ACROSS THE RAILS: First test for spring cattle market

The spring cattle market was put to its first real test at many sale yards, but spare a thought for those yards sitting under the Level 4 lockdown, as they can still not yet open their gates. Pukekohe, Tuakau and Wellsford fall in that area and potential vendors are frustrated by the continued closure of the Wellsford sale yards, PGG Wrightson Northland livestock manager Bernie McGahan says.

ACROSS THE RAILS: Sales yards test the water

Sales quietly kicked off this week on both the North and South Islands and it was a case of testing the water to see how they would go. No yards offered up exceptionally high tallies, but there was volume enough to gauge how Level 3 sales would operate.