Wednesday, April 24, 2024

BLNZ chooses wool carpeting for headquarters

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‘Proud to be supporting Kiwi farmers and rural communities.’
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Beef + Lamb New Zealand has chosen wool carpeting for its Wellington headquarters, it says.

The industry body will use Wools of NZ commercial wool tiles.  

“It’s naturally biodegradable, flame-resistant, stain-resistant and it looks great,” BLNZ chair Kate Acland said.

“It definitely feels more comfortable to walk on and sustainability-wise it ticks the box. 

“The wool used in our new carpet tiles is also sourced from farmers committed to world-leading sustainable farming practices. 

“As a farmer myself, I’m proud to be supporting Kiwi farmers and rural communities.”

Wools of NZ chief executive John McWhirter said more companies and other organisations are seeking to ensure their premises are more sustainable and looking after the wellbeing of their people.

“Wool carpets and tiles do not cost the earth and there is growing interest from consumers in choosing wool over plastic.

“The many beneficial natural properties of our wool tiles make them ideal for use in commercial spaces and they are a very good choice for a wide range of organisations and commercial businesses, including the education sector, offices and retail.” 

Wools of NZ’s commercial wool tile range is a key part of the company’s strategy to significantly improve outcomes for NZ strong wool producers, McWhirter said.

BLNZ chief executive Sam McIvor said: “When we were looking at re-carpeting our Wellington office, it was a no-brainer to choose sustainable over synthetics and support New Zealand sheep farmers. 

“It was great to have the option of Wools NZ commercial carpet tiles. It’s the right choice for the planet and our people.”  

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