Friday, December 8, 2023

New Nait rules take effect

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New rules for transporting cattle and deer make it illegal to move untagged animals. The National Animal Identification Tracing Amendment Bill make taking an untagged animal an offence.
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Animals that have an unsafe-to-tag exemption will be the only exception to the rules effective on June 14.

The offence will not apply to a transport operator carrying a paper or electronic animal status declaration (eASD) from the farmer verifying the animals are tagged and registered in Nait.

Ospri advises all farmers moving animals off farms should provide transport operators with a paper or eASD declaration that animals are Nait compliant.

So farmers need to check all animals are tagged and Nait registered, declare any unsafe-to-tag animals and ensure the animals are clearly marked.

The livestock transporter declaration will be included on new ASD and eASD forms.

ASD forms can be emailed but must be received by the transporter before the animals leave the farm.

Ospri said the law aims to reduce the number of untagged animals being moved without any accountability.

“It also aims to drive incentives for the tagging and registering of all animals.”

Livestock transporters are united on the new legislation following extensive consultation throughout the country with members and farmers.

Their advice is they won’t transport animals unless they have completed ASD or eASD declarations from farmers.

Rural transport forum chief executive Nick Leggett said the law requires all animals to be tagged before transportation.

It provides greater clarity and responsibility for transporting animals.

It also supports Nait’s integrity, Leggett said.   


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