Saturday, December 9, 2023

Spring blush as Nude Gardening Day beckons

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Kiwis are invited to garden as nature intended.
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This Labour Weekend Kiwis will be getting their kit off and getting outside as they celebrate the therapeutic benefits of gardening without the confines of clothing.

Nude Gardening Day, which traditionally takes place on the Saturday of Labour Weekend, sits in National Gardening Week. This year’s theme – Vegies, Better Homegrown – aims to shine a light on the multiple benefits of growing your own vegetables.

Fiona Arthur from Yates said National Nude Gardening Day isn’t just about breaking taboos.

“It’s a reminder of our deep-rooted connection to the natural world and a chance to indulge in the therapeutic benefits of gardening sans clothing. What better way to tend your garden than in the buff,” Arthur said.

Alice de Wet, marketing manager of the New Zealand Federation of Naturists, said Nude Gardening Day is a worldwide phenomenon that is not just reserved for naturists.

“We invite everyone to try it – at your local club or in your own back garden.  Getting out in the sun, as nature intended, is very liberating and empowering.  It promotes body positivity and a renewed appreciation for the environment,” De Wet said.

Nude Gardening Day can be celebrated in many different ways:

• Don your birthday suit and garden as nature intended

• Connect with nature – hug a tree, chat to the plants, sow some spring vegetable or flower seeds

• Get some exercise – but maybe skip the star jumps and instead pull some weeds, top up the compost and trim out-of-control bushes

• Be brave and give your neighbours a cheeky little wave

• Share the day with friends and invite your bosom buddies around for a cold beverage

• Make memories – take a photo of something beautiful in your garden

• Meditate or read a book in the great outdoors

• Embrace the sensory experience – feel the soil beneath your feet, the sun on your skin, and the breeze against your body

Remember, safety is paramount. Participants should be mindful of sun protection, use appropriate gardening tools, and be cautious of any potential hazards in their garden.

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